My Journey

"Bumps in the road are reminders to pay attention to the scenery" sums up the philosophy that has brought me through all the ups and downs of my life. The bumps have been plenty but through them I achieved my greatest growth and accomplishments. When I was homeless with two young children, I learned self reliance. When I twice lost all my possessions, I realized things don't define who I am. Now I have an inner knowing that nothing is too daunting for me to handle.  The tough roads liberated and empowered me to see beyond the problems, discover imaginative solutions and create higher aspirations.

My life has taken a zigzag path rather than a straight highway. Five years after high school I earned my Liberal Arts Associate Degree from Delaware County Community College. It wasn't until twenty years later that I received my Bachelor's degree. Between my college years, I married and divorced, drove to California in my '72 Mustang, lived in Guadalajara, Mexico, started and lost a business, was a single parent, moved back to Philadelphia and remarried (been married 25 years).

Some roads I wouldn't have taken if I hadn't changed my beliefs of what was possible and learned to nurture the thoughts that sought new opportunities. I wanted a college degree. The seemingly insurmountable obstacles were no SAT scores, no college prep courses and no financial support. My dad even questioned why I wanted to go to college. But Delaware County Community College had just opened its doors, and they were eager to fill their classrooms. With savings in the bank and excitement in my heart, I became a college student graduating with honors three years later.

Twenty years later when life had become stable and comfortable, I realized the empty-nest years were fast approaching.  It was time to earn my Bachelor's degree. But the goal of going back to college seemed too big and the excuses started flowing.  I was too old, didn't have the money or the time, married with children and questioned whether or not I was smart enough.  Norman Vincent Peale said, "It is always too early to quit." To me that meant excuses were not allowed. By believing it was possible, I received grants and graduated from West Chester University with a BA in Communications only 2 years before my daughters finished high school.  In addition, I received the Communications Department Award for Excellence, completed minors in Psychology and Women's Studies and graduated summa cum laude.

Soon after graduating, I landed a coveted job at QVC, Inc. by calling their HR department once a week, sometimes twice, until five months later they offered me an internship in broadcasting. It was unusual to hire an intern who already graduated, but they wanted someone with maturity.  Along the road, I learned that the only one who could say "no" to my dreams was me. That job started my twelve-year career at QVC which spanned four departments - broadcasting, merchandising, public relations and studio operations. Over the last nine years as Studio Operations Coordinator, I supported the live show, program hosts and on-air guests. In this role, I worked with celebrities like Joan Rivers, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Paula Abdul, Tony Robbins and Richard Simmons, as well as many other talented on-air guests and vendors. It was a great time in my life!

Knowing that I wanted a new career that helped people to live their best lives, I set my focus on becoming a life coach. I graduated from Coach U in 2003. While working at QVC, I coached part-time, which had its rewards but limited my ability to expand my practice. Again it was time to take another path. As difficult as it was to leave QVC, I knew it was the right decision. I treasure my memories of QVC, the people and the many fun experiences that have positively impacted my life and hopefully through my coaching I have done the same for them.

My journey has taken me down many roads all leading to here and now where I am happiest. Life coaching allows me to share what my life experiences have taught me, to follow my passions, to use my talents and to fulfill my purpose by coaching you to do the same. I hope my story inspires you to focus your thoughts, feelings and beliefs on what makes you happy, to believe anything is possible and to create the life you want to live. I have learned along the road of success that all you have to do is say "YES!"

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Member of ICF (International Coach Federation)

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West Chester University
BA in Communications, Minors in Psychology and Women's Studies

Temple University
Mediation Training