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It's Easy: Call - Commit - Commence

Call (or Email)

For your Complimentary Consultation to determine if you are ready for coaching, and I am the right coach for you. For your convenience, you can request morning, afternoon or evening. During this call, we will discuss your expectations of coaching, identify your wants and answer your questions.

Call me at 610-304-9981 or use my Contact Page for convenient messaging.

"Coaching enables you to create conditions in your world so that great luck can find you."  
                                                                                 - Laura Berman Fortgang                                


After the call, you can decide if you are ready to start "Creating the Life you Want to Live." If the answer is "Yes," the next step is to pick one of the three coaching plans that fit your needs, and we will set up mutually convenient times and dates for your coaching sessions to begin. It is also alright to think things over before you decide. But keep in mind that coaching is a life-changing, worthwhile investment and a commitment to yourself and those you love.

Your Monthly Investment:

  • $400 / month Three 45-minute sessions per month
  • "Let go of the dock if you want to go sailing."
  • $270 / month Two 45-minute sessions per month
  • Email support provided between coaching sessions.

Customized Coaching to meet your needs and wants.


To get the most out of coaching, I recommend committing for a minimum of three months, meeting three times a month to make major progress in your life. Once your goals have been created around your wants, a plan defined and momentum gained, the frequency of your coaching sessions will change according to your clear vision of what success is for you.


Gift Certificates are available. Give the gift of a more fulfilling life.